Shopping For Dad Is Never Easy!

Every year I try to think of something to get my dad for his birthday and again for Christmas. And every year I barely get him a card. Talk about feeling like a crappy kid! 

Most years when I ask what he wants he says, "Write me a short story." Sounds like a fabulous idea, right? What could be easier (or cheaper) than sitting down and penning a short piece of prose, much like this article I'm writing. A lot could be easier. Such as just NOT doing it. I think I've written him a total of 3 things over the last ten years. 

I always want to avoid getting him something cliche, like golf balls or a tie. Sure, you can't have too many ties or golf accessories - but what about thoughtfulness, what about seeing that look of delight when he opens his gift and realizes it's something that's actually COOL instead of ... the adult equivalent of getting socks and underwear as a kid. 

Sure, you could buy him the latest gadget (every year!) or a magazine subscription (way to care about the environment) - OR you could get him something for his office. What?! Shameless FANS plug? But of course. This is the FANS blog. 

Now stop dragging your feet and go check out all the awesome desk pads and chair mats we have here. You'll find almost any school (especially the SEC) and all the MLB teams. There are even some cute decorative ones if you'd like to get your mom one (or a matching set). 

Order quickly though, it takes about 7-10 days to fill the order with the manufacturer and a couple more to ship to your door. The deadline for Christmas orders is December 15th!

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