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Keeping it organized

Posted on May 25, 2013

If you're anything like me, your desk just won't stay organized. Maybe you straighten it up every now and then - clear off those papers piling up, throw away any trash, take your water glass to the sink... but as a whole, it doesn't look anything like those beautiful pictures of desk organization you see on Pinterest. How does that make you feel? It makes me feel like I could be doing better. But what do I need? How do I do it? And seriously, HOW will I maintain that organization?

All great questions. So, let's take it one step at a time.


Step 1:

Solidify the purpose of your desk. Is it your home office where you pay your bills and surf the internet? Or is it your workspace where you work from home? Pinpoint that category and then get anything that is not task related off and away from your desk area. But my desk is multi-purpose! I know, mine, too. BUT! I don't always pay my bills here. I work 90% of the time. Therefore, bills can go to my "storage" section. Got it? Non-task essentials will be moved to storage. Task related items can stay (for now). 


Step 2: 

Make groups. What's paper? What do you write with? Do you have invoices/hard drives/USB drives, cords, monitors, computer accessories, etc? Put items that should go together, together!


Step 3:

This is the fun part. Find things to keep these groups together. For example, cord wrappers for your cords, paper trays for papers (with labels for different types!), pen holders for .... highlighters. You get the idea. Give those groups a 'place' on your desk. 


Step 4: 

This is the hard part. STAYING neat. Everyone has their own system, whether it's putting everything where it belongs when you are done with it or straightening up after the work day is complete. But the most important part, in my opinion, is keeping things off your desk that aren't task related. One way to do this is to create a separate storage area for those items. This can be a whole new desk "area" or it can be shelving, wall organization, filing cabinets. This is the true key to staying organized that I've found works for me.


I'd love to hear your suggestions so send them in!



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What’s the point of a desk pad?

Posted on May 24, 2013

I’ve asked myself this question over and over. Desk pads seemed like an antiquated office supply that my grandparents would have used. 

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10 Feminine Workspaces for Hardworking Women!

Posted on Jul 07, 2012

Charmean Neithart wrote a fab article on Houzz about feminine workspaces for hardworking women! Check out the slideshow for some glam and girlie inspiration.

The collection showcases glam, girly or decor with a powerful palette. These home offices and work spaces give working girls and women the designs they deserve.

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Brighten Up Your Office Desk

Posted on Mar 21, 2012


The desk is where most of us spend a majority of our time awake. Therefore, it's the one thing you have every right to transform into your personal, clutter-free, beautiful space! Below you'll find some ideas to prevent that stolid "cubicle" feel. I read somewhere that if you love the way it looks when it's all reorganized, you'll keep it organized more often. So get to it!


1. Personalize Your Desk


There are SO many fun, silly, unique and colorful options for the useful tools we need on our desks - why settle for black, plastic and boring? Get a stapler in your favorite color! Need to organize those pens and pencils? We all do, and there are so many fun pencil holder options. What about a favorite mug that's cracked and needs to be "repurposed"? I've given my favorite Chicago Cubs coffee mug a second life and every time I see it, it makes me smile.

Pepper Design Blog

2. Improve Your View 

If you don't have a lovely window view in your home office, think about what is behind your computer. One great idea is to create fabric bulletin boards. Morgan of Pepper Design Blog created these gorgeous cork boards and uses them behind her computer screen. They pull double duty by being both beautiful and functional. 


3. Desk Lamps

Proper lighting is essential. Figure out what type of lamp you need for the work you do (task lighting, etc) and shop around for lamps that fit the aesthetic you want to nurture in your work space.

4. Nifty Peripherals

Since you are going to need cable management and and a USB charger anyhow, why not choose them in colors or styles that will make you smile?


5. Plants

Don't worry if you don't have a green thumb. There are plenty of plants that are easy to care for and will look great in your office, too! It's spring time and we've just added a small orchid to the plant mix. These low maintenance plants (yes, really!) only need to be watered about once a week. They also prefer to be kept out of direct sunlight and do well in a room with tons of natural light. Other great options are succulents and we have the CUTEST little plant holder for your desk.

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