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What’s the point of a desk pad?

Posted on May 24, 2013


I’ve asked myself this question over and over. Desk pads seemed like an antiquated office supply that my grandparents would have used.


Then I took a good, hard look at my Ikea desk and noticed scratches, pen marks, and wear and tear. Actually, I didn’t have to look hard. I just had to take my eyes off my computer screen for a minute and suddenly I felt self conscious about the war torn desk top. Obviously, I can’t cover the entire surface with plastic – that seems impractical. But a bit of protection to the two foot area around my keyboard would have kept my desk in like-new condition and prevented me from going out to buy a new one.


Another great point about a desk pad is their dual functionality as a mouse pad. I’ve always hated mouse pads. Either they flip up on one side, the mouse doesn’t slide properly over the surface or it’s just ugly. I went years without a mouse pad and just used the surface of my desk. There’s now a very obvious worn spot about 6 inches to the right of my keyboard. Now that I have my personalized mouse pad with it's no slip rubber backing, the "usual" mouse pad issues have disappeared. I just wish it was BIGGER! Perhaps, two feet x two feet? :)


Lastly, desk pads aren’t black and boring any more. Desk pads aren’t desk blotters. Blotters hold sheets of paper for recording to do-lists, making notes, and blotting up the extra ink from pens. Desk pads are usually made of plastic and are considered desk protection. Plus, they give the user a nice place to write. Have you ever noticed that your handwriting looks better when the paper is resting on different surfaces? A desk pad has just the right give to provide a smooth writing surface, perfect for distributing pen ink. It’s the little things in life!


The options for decorative desk pads are endless and we at Decorate Your Desk have some good looking ones, ranging from college mascots and logos to artist creations and felt. Desk pads by ES Robbins also have a one-year warranty when used correctly. Just make sure not to put them on desks with a lacquer finish. The lacquer could rub off the image or the image could transfer to the desk.