10 Feminine Workspaces for Hardworking Women!

Charmean Neithart wrote a fab article on Houzz about feminine workspaces for hardworking women! Check out the slideshow for some glam and girlie inspiration.

The collection showcases glam, girly or decor with a powerful palette. These home offices and work spaces give working girls and women the designs they deserve.

My daughter graduated from eighth grade and is on to her next phase of life — high school. I was cleaning off her desk before we left for our much-earned vacation to the beach. I briefly read over her papers, notes and to-do lists from classes. She worked so hard this year. She is my little "working girl," most nights staying up later than me to study and get her work done.

Her accomplishment got me thinking about women's work spaces — some offices, some just desks in a room. This is where we run the show; a modern-day mission control. You might find yourself working late at night on homework, a blog, a grocery list, a design or just paying the bills, so why not glam it up a bit? These workspaces often do double duty, just like most women I know. This piece is dedicated to all the working girls out there: moms, designers, writers, bloggers, students and everyone in between. You work hard, so I hope these spaces will inspire ideas for your own workspaces. Keep up the good work, ladies!