Woodland Classic Vintage Style Journal

Woodland Classic Vintage Style Journal

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Galison's Woodland Classic Journal is an attractive, quirky, Francophile blank book in which to record your thoughts, or, should we say, "pensées." The cream-colored front cover shows teal-colored silhouettes of a rabbit, labeled lapin, and a squirrel, écureuil, in loops of a leafy garland. The back cover shows an éléphant and a bird, oiseau.

The animal images are repeated in a vertical pattern on the spine, with a faux label reading "VIVE L'AMOUR".

The grain embossed texture and fabric place mark make this journal a pleasure to hold and to use no matter what language you are writing.

The debossed ornamentation continues on the rose-colored spine, where a faux-label reminds us that "imagination is the key". Continuing with the key theme, the endpaper has a quotation by Oliver Wendell Holmes: "Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness."