To tell you about myself, I'm going to start with an embarrassing story from my childhood. I was a huge bookworm and would stay up into the wee hours of the night reading. Therefore, my parents instituted a policy that I had to be in my room by 9pm, but I didn't have to "go to bed" (this was 3rd grade so I was 8). Now, I didn't just read after 9pm. On weekends I would also work on craft projects! 

Mother's Day was coming up and I wanted to make something special. I decided the most grown-up thing I could make my mom was a desk organizer. I went about the house looking for "supplies" to make her this gift. I worked diligently until about 3 or 4 in the morning, hot glue gunning my way to the most authentic replication of a desk set I could image. When I was satisfied with my efforts, I fell into bed imagining how impressed she would be with her desk set. 

The next morning I couldn't contain my excitement to show off my crafting skills (wayyyy before Pinterest!) and brought out her gift. Both my parents gasped in surprise and started laughing so hard I almost cried. What did I do? What was so funny??


Remember how I hunted the house for supplies? One of those "treasure chests" was the bathroom garbage where I found the "perfect" pen holders. Just the right size, made of sturdy cardboard.... how was I to know WHAT these were? At 8 years old I was still oblivious to womanhood.

This story is now a staple of my parents "funny stories"- I hope it makes you laugh the way it does us!

My love of office decor is still going strong, but don't worry - I won't be making any of the items you see on Decorate Your Desk!

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments you may have!

FANS Founder


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Happy Customers

“Love this desk pad. Very stylish yet functional. Lets you see your desk top. Also you can put pictures, important items that you refer to or reminders under the desk pad and you can still see them. I ordered one for my kitchen desk and loved it so much I ordered another one for my new home office. Great desk pad. My kitchen desk is white corian so the swirls although very pretty do not show up as much as on my home office desk which is teal, but it is pretty and functional in either place”