Clear Protective Film Kit for iPhone 5

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Protect the screen of your new iPhone 5 with a clear film that keeps it free of unsightly scratches and smudges.

iLuv Creative Technology, the premier provider of the most comprehensive accessories line for the Apple and smartphone markets, rapidly delivers award winning products for today s discriminating consumers. Since inception, iLuv has amassed an impressive total of 16 prestigious CES Innovations awards, recognized for design and engineering in the Portable Multimedia Accessories, Headphones and the In-Vehicle Accessory categories. Headquartered in New York, iLuv is a division of jWIN Electronics Corp., a leading consumer electronics company since 1997. All iLuv products are conceived, designed and developed in New York and continue to lead in quality, value, design and innovation.


  • Protects your iPhone 5 screen from scratches and fingerprints
  • No interference with touch screen sensitivity

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