Clear protective film kit for iPod Touch 5

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Keep the screen of your iPod touch 5 free of unsightly scratches and fingerprints with a clear film that won t interfere with touchscreen sensitivity. This clear protective film kit includes 2 clear films, a cleaning cloth and a squeegee to remove air bubbles when you apply the film. Each film is made with a quad-layer structure with silicone polymer adhesive, PET film, a hard coating treatment and scratch resistant film. Apply one right away, and save the other as a backup. These screen films are very durable, resilient and efficient as barriers against minor scratches and smudges. They are also guaranteed not to interfere with your daily activities on your iPod touch. Listen to your music, run apps and watch movies and videos unhindered. The clear protective film kit for your iPod touch is also easy to remove. When you buy a new case to protect the sides and back of your iPod touch, don t forget to get a screen film to also protect its front.

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  • Protects your iPod touch screen from scratches and fingerprints.
  • Anti-glare and zero screen distortion.
  • Does not interfere with touchscreen sensitivity.
  • Comes with 2 films, squeegee and a cleaning cloth.

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