Clemson University Laptop Sleeve

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Monogrammed zippered laptop sleeves to protect your computer and show off your school colors. Room to also store a charger and small accessories. Great for car travel and checkpoint-friendly at airports too!
Available in one size, fits 13" to 15" laptop

Exact dimensions: 14" x 11.5"

Made of soft polyester fabric outside with with a shock-absorbing neoprene (scuba suit) interior. Imprinted on front side only; back and sides are solid black with a black zipper opening on top. Machine washable (no bleach) on gentle cycle; dry flat.

The Clemson colors (orange and purple) in any pattern, accent shape, and with your monogram. Look through the patterns to figure out which one you like best, then get to personalizing! The color palette is shown under the main image.

White is not a color option since it is the background for all the patterns. Instead, we've used black as the accent color.

It's easy to personalize.

  1. Choose the pattern you prefer - this will be in carrot.
  2. Pick the accent shape - this will be orchid.
  3. Choose which font you want to use.
  4.  Type in your three letter monogram or name! 
    • Monogram order: first, LAST, middle. Example: Jessica Marie Tanner would be =  jTm
    • Text is copy - pasted so make sure to capitalize words or names the way you want it printed. Example: lauren = lauren and Lauren = Lauren when printed on item.

Not sure? Order a proof! Proofs take 3-5 business days to put together and cost $5 

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