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The HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless iPod docking station from Gear4 is a smarter than average clock radio. There is a docking station for iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to have free SmartLink apps. The technology of this device allows you to control every feature on the touch screen of the iPod or iPhone. The docking station house party offers auto-scan of FM radio station, preset alarms, Wi-Fi wireless. Although the HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless is an alarm clock, it features the sound quality and potential of a home speaker dock - making it the perfect way to power your party, and to wake you up the morning after.

The HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless includes a dimmable LCD display which has been designed to ensure that the clock is visible without keeping you awake. The HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless also includes an FM radio and alarms that can each be easily set for you to wake up to the radio, your iPod / iPhone or a simple buzzer. The clock can be set to both 12-hour or 24-hour displays, and offers a Snooze control feature, including a large snooze button - an easy target for those dark mornings.

GEAR4 is a market-leading iPod and iPhone accessory brand, owned by UK-based company, Disruptive Limited. In 2006, Podgear rebranded and GEAR4 was born, the company became one of the first in the world to launch a dedicated brand of iPod products. Today, GEAR4 remains the only major iPod accessory brand to offer a full speaker range along with other accessories.

GEAR4 has an unwavering commitment to all things iPod and iPhone, with its UK-based Product Development team constantly working on the addition of more great ranges. And as the capability of the iPod and iPhone increases, so too does our desire to truly do it justice — with the kind of sleek, stylish and incredible-sounding technology no other brand can match.


  • Wireless app-enhanced clock radio
  • 12/24 hour clock with alarm
  • Sleep countdown timer
  • Dimmable LED display
  • 2 programmable alarms

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