Metro Folio SF: Carbon for iPad 3

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METRO-SF: Our Metro Folio for iPad 3 is the perfect balance of beauty and function. Tweed pattern synthetic leather exterior and microfiber lining interior to prevent scratches. It is a light weight low profile case which folds closed like a notebook or opens to be positioned as a stand at any viewing angle. Sleek folio is slim and solid protection for iPad.

When in the closed position, FolioBook can be carried like a notebook with iPad held securely inside. The iPad screen is fully protected and the durable elastic band keeps the case tightly shut and prevents iPad from slipping out. When unfolded to the open position, FolioBook can be used as a stand and adjusted to your favorite angle. To adjust the position, simply lift iPad up and then place it back down down to the preferred angle. Adjust it to a steeper angle for watching a movie or viewing photos together with friends. Adjust it to a lower angle for typing or completely flip the cover around for typing at an even lower angle.

With iPad inside, the Dock connector, buttons and switches are all fully accessible for charging and controlling iPad.


  • Tweed pattern exterior and microfiber lining interior
  • Slim and low profile folio excellent for traveling
  • Adds minimal weight or thickness.

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