University of Florida Gators Desk Pad

By ES Robbins


Picture of University of Florida Gators Desk Pad

Remember the This Is SportsCenter commercial with Steve Irwin wrestling the Gators mascot?

The Gators were not always known as the Gators. They were occasionally referred to as the Cadets and PeeWee's Boys (after coach J.A. "PeeWee" Forsythe.

It wasn't until 1908 (55 years after the school opened to students) when Phillip Miller, a local store owner of Lake City, went to visit his son Austin in Virginia and asked him what he should put on the pennants. Austin immediately associated Florida with the alligator (although they had no idea what one looked like). They found a picture, and the rest is history.

These desk pads are incredibly strong and durable. An exclusive process prints a vivid Gators logo underneath the clear plastic to resist scratches and damage.   

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  • Smooth, non-glare writing surface 
  • Will not indent, scratch or stain. 
  • Clear
  • Measures 19" x 24"
  • Made in the USA.
  • Fully Licensed.

Note: Do not use on any natural surface having a lacquer finish.

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